Terms & Conditions

By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and agree to the terms & conditions of sale. Both retail, business trade and wholesale clients will be bound by the same terms & conditions below.


For fair trade, we apply a warranty policy to all orders for both retail and wholesale clients. Our warranty applies for one year after the items arrive at destination. All damages need to be captured in photos and/or videos for us to access whether the damage occurred during the production process or during transit.

Please allow us three days to assess before we can apply the warranty. All claims need to be made by email to marthe@bymavi.ch. If the claims occur during the production process, we will send you a new one without any extra shipping costs.

Natural Wood Disclaimer

If you notice minor cracks on your recently purchased wooden furniture from us, please do not be alarmed as it is a natural part of the timber’s lifecycle. Depending on the environment it’s in, natural wood will adapt (based on factors such as air moisture and heat) and may appear to be damaged (or what you perceived as “cracks”).

This is completely normal and would happen to any other wooden items you may find at home or in shops. It actually creates a unique marking and style for your piece of furniture, making it feel personal.

However, if you are still unsure, you can always contact us and send us a photo for us to investigate further.

Samples & photographs

Please be aware that due to natural variations, there may be a slight difference in color between the photographed product and the original item.

It is normal for items in the byMAVI collection, fully handmade, to vary in dimension, finish and distressing. If you plan to group items together, we recommend ordering them at the same time. Please note that we cannot guarantee that units of the same item ordered at different times will exactly match.

The product characteristics you may encounter include the following:

  • Wood items may have knots, gouges or nail holes,
  • Stone color, pattern, texture or veining may differ
  • Fabrics are hand-woven and tie-off knots are inherent to the design.